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This website includes all the information you need to know about Off Road caravan manufacturers, dealers and even about specific off road caravan models. It is difficult to sieve through different websites and get the right information that you seek, this is where we can help, it gives you all the data you need about off road caravans without having to hunt for it. 

What do you want to buy?

Compare the different features or read everything you want to know about the various off-road caravans, it’s as simple as clicking on the caravan manufacturer that are interested in. There is a list of off road caravans from the different manufacturers, with interesting snippets about each caravan model. This little teaser gives you a brief insight into the caravan and what you could expect. If that interests you, then click to find out more about it. 

Who do you want to buy it from?

You may find a caravan that you really like but what is the next step to making it your own? You need to find a dealer who is close to where you live. The dealer listing does not only list the dealers, but it also gives you information about the brands the dealer sells and how long the dealer has been in business, for example. This is information that you need to decide on which dealer you need to opt for. 

Where you should be going?

Find out more about interesting places to visit, the beautiful locales, the breathtaking views and the exotic places to visit throughout Australia. Also includes how you could get there, the facilities that are on offer for campers and the cheat sheet to get the best out of your trip. All this adds upto really valuable information for campers. 

What are other people saying about your caravan of choice?

It’s one thing to find out more about the features in a caravan, but when you read about how other people feel after using it, well, it adds another dimension to the caravan. Read real reviews from experts who have used the caravan, highlighting aspects that you would never get from reading a company brochure.

Off Road Caravan Buyers guide- Here is what you need to know

There are many aspects to a caravan, some you may know, while there are others that experts could point you to. Reading this will help you in identifying the caravan that would best suit your needs. After all, a swanky caravan with 5 star rating that is meant for a couple, will be a nightmare for a family of 6. The buyer’s guide will help you understand your requirements and guide you to finding your perfect caravan

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