Mars Campers

Mars Campers

Address : 1695 Centre Rd, Springvale, VIC, 3171, Australia

Phone : 03 8373 7023

Website :

Mars campers has sold more than 11,000 caravans, which is indicative of its popularity. These caravan manufacturers/ dealers have been in business for 12 years and have more than 20 different stores in various locations. Mars campers sell both off road and on road caravans and have manufacturing facilities present locally as well as abroad. Initially, the company imported camper trailers but later realised that they didn’t suit Australian requirements. Now Mars Campers are 100% Australian. They have the following different types of caravans:

Soft floor caravans: These are ideal for off road trips as they have a tent that can be set up anywhere. 

Hard floor caravans: Hard floor caravans have a hard top that can be converted to have a hard floor. 

Forward folding trailers: These are great when on an off road adventure, which necessitates a caravan that can be set up easily. This advantage is provided by these forward folding caravans as they open up towards the hitch. 

Loft Camper: These are campers that have been designed to accommodate 2 adults and 2 children, without having to get a bulky caravan.