7 Top Scoops For Why Trakmaster Caravans Provide Great Off Road Caravans

7 Top Scoops For Why Trakmaster Caravans Provide Great Off Road Caravans

Have you ever used something and wondered why nobody thought of making it more user friendly? This is the basis for innovation and this is exactly what motivated Russell Seebach to build off road trakmaster caravans. When you know just what you need to improve, you build just what a traveller needs for greater comfort and better stability on road.

Here is why their offroad caravans are great

1)    Freedom to choose your layout: Choose from one of their layouts or design one of your own, the fluidity in design help in custom designing caravans. 

2)    Smooth ride and stronger body:  The frame of their caravans are made from premium 3mm sheet of timber which strengthens the wall of the caravans without adding to the weight. This way, there is no frame movement, as the timber sheet is bonded well, which means better support. 

3)    Built for Australian conditions: These caravans are built for Australian conditions, from the great outbacks to harsh Australian weather. So, if you are looking for Australian built caravans that are built for Australian conditions, then this is it. 

4)    Wide range of caravans: Trackmaster caravans offer a wide range of caravans from full height caravans to pop tops. The rugged Gibson is a versatile camper-trailer but with all the comforts that you would need. Other caravans in their range include Pilbara, Sturt, Kimberly, Nullarbor, Simpson and Explorer. 

5)    Hand built for excellence: Every Trackmaster caravan is built according to the specifications provided by customers. So, instead of mass produced caravans, you get specially built hand crafted workmanship!

6)    Your name gets featured: What can be more thrilling than to have your name edged on the caravan that you wish to buy! So, you can say out loud that, it’s mine! Well, Trackmaster caravans do just that, every van is badged with the owner’s name. 

7)    Introductory tours: It’s not just the inside of a  parked van that you get to see, but Trackmaster caravans take you for a tour across the outback, just to see how it feels. Is that confidence, or is it focus on customer satisfaction? Everything rolled into one. 

Trakmaster Pilbara Extreme

Trackmaster caravans not only provide sturdy caravans but their service is etched in stone as well. 

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