Best Off Road Vehicles From Legend Caravans

Best Off Road Vehicles From Legend Caravans

Legend Caravans have over 25 years of experience in building high quality caravans and recreational vehicles. This family owned and operated manufacturer started their journey in the year 2008, with a focus on providing the best service to the customer by adapting the following practices:

  1. commitment towards ensuring superior service
  2. a service delivery model based on routine enhancements
  3. providing a good work environment that is filled with learning and sharing,responsiveness, honesty, pride, respect and teamwork
  4. customer service management : to provide high quality and timely services to customers with a focus on safety

Their range of custom caravans include the following;

  • GroundBreaker - Ultimate OFF-ROAD
  • Kick Back Range - OFF-ROAD
  • Trackline - OFF-ROAD
  • Trackline Semi  - Semi OFF-ROAD
  • Wild Native - Touring van


Groundbreaker caravans are an affordable range of off road caravans that offer certain standard features across all size ranges. Their distinctive finish and high quality exteriors make them a sought after model. 

Legend Caravans Groundbreaker

The outside: 

  1. The body of this recreational vehicle has a machine riveted aluminium frame. This fully insulated vehicle has an outside cladding that is made up of aluminium composite.
  2. There is a dometic glass insert style entry door which is enhanced by an external lighting to perk up the entry into the vehicle. It doesn’t end here though, lighting has been used effectively to enhance both the interiors as well as the exteriors. 
  3. The lighting that has been strategically fixed onto the exterior of the vehicle is not only convenient, but is also a great safety measure. 
  4. Caravanning is a great way to holiday, but holidays mean plenty of baggage in tow. How do you manage that in a caravan? Well, this beauty has plenty of storage space, both the front and the rear of the vehicle have tunnel boots.  
  5. If you are worried about the power supply, then don’t. There are 2, 120Ah batteries that are charged by a RedArc Red Vision 30amp Battery Charger. Thinking about going green and limiting the need to recharge at caravan parks? Well, there are two 160W Solar Panels that this recreational vehicle is fitted with. 

The inside: 

  1. The inside of this caravan is as captivating as the exterior, there is a large split kitchen with benches on either side. The wall that separates the kitchen from the bathroom has a provision for a microwave oven in the overhead locker area and a 32in flat screen TV below.
  2.  A 224 ltr compressor fridge lets you store plenty of food while a neat four-burner cooktop/oven is fixed polarly opposite. The kitchen has been designed make plenty of space for storage, in the form of cupboards, overhead locker space as well as drawers. 
  3. There is an electrical control panel that has been fitted above the cooktop while the radio nests perfectly above the sink. Following the pattern spread across the van, there are interesting metal sides to the drawers while the piano hinges to doors make it convenient to operate. 
  4. There is plenty of room in the bathroom, with a good-sized shower cubicle split away from the and toilet/washroom area. There is even space for laundry on the offside and  well designed with a ceramic washbasin, largish towel rails and power points for shavers and hair dryers. The toilet side of the bathroom has a window and vent hatches for some air circulation!  


  1. The Groundbreaker looks tough with a strong presence, turning heads wherever it is taken. There is a black alloy checker plate which is found frequently in off road vans. The muscular nudge bars and  the Mickey Thompson tyres mean business with their impressive looks and sturdiness. Add to these the other offroad essentials like the Jerry can holders at the rear, the DO35 hitch and the mesh stone guard at the front. 
  2. The dual chassis rails  and 150x50mm (6x2in) RHS rails and are routinely found in such off road vehicles but the G&S independent trailing arm suspension with coil springs and shock absorbers that are fitted inside the coil springs are a big bonus. 
  3. There is a shiny Legend logo present on the front rails on either side, a neat and powerful statement!
  4. The floor, piping/cabling along with the water tanks are sealed by alloy checkerplate cladding. 


KICK BACK OFF-ROAD caravans offer genuine OFFROAD expertise. This is another vehicle that is designed with an Aluminium frame in the Legend fleet of offroad caravans.


  1. To ensure that multiple customer needs are met, there are a variety of sizes that are on offer- from 13ft to 22ft 6in. 
  2. The most popular from the Kick Back Off-Road stable is the review van. Extending 20 ft 6 in external body length,  there is a good balance between living space and a capacity to pass through bush tracks. The only bane with this vehicle is that such large caravans are difficult to maneuver past restricted spaces. 


  1. There is a moderate amount of ground clearance that this recreational vehicle offers, even if it does not have a rear cutaway. Designed to traverse mud roads, it has a 6in chassis with a 4in raiser.
  2. Smoother drives are made possible by the control rider TS independent coil suspension. Wind along the tracks, up and down hills and over various lumps and bumps, all you will get is a pleasurable drive with no hint of instability.
  3. The riveted aluminium frame and aluminium composite panels elevate the visual appeal of the vehicle, giving it an A plus for this. 
  4. With a 12V power, dual 120Ah deep-cycle batteries, a 60A Victron charger, the Kickback is sound on power. However, that is not all, a 320W worth of solar panels fixed on the roof, and an MPPT solar regulator, ensure that the sun’s bountiful energy is utilised optimally for power generation. 

Interiors :

  1. The interior is warm and inviting, set off by downlights and LED strip lighting above the overhead cabinets. The layout is particularly well executed. Up front, the van has a queen-size bed with plenty of walk-around space. 
  2. There are dual batteries that are fit in the storage space beneath, but there is enough space for a lot more material. 
  3. On the access front, there are 240V and 12V powerpoint in the wardrobes, so reaching out for a power source to plug in your clothes iron is not a chore.  
  4. The dinette is convenient with a tri-fold table and  240V and 12V points fixed conveniently. If you want to store more stuff here, then there is plenty of overhead storage as well. 
  5. The interior is a good balance between aesthetic charm and functionality, and the kitchen is a stellar example. loaded with essentials, the kitchen also has sufficient work space , so you are not constantly knocking things about while you cut your veggies.  
  6. There is a large compressor fridge with an attached freezer placed between the dinette and bathroom. There even a full length pantry, so, you can travel in style and with plenty of food!
  7. Finally, the bathroom, while it is not one of the biggest you may have seen in a caravan, it definitely It not short of space. There is space for everything that you can think of in a bathroom, including for a front-loading washing machine. Add to that the additional storage space provided by neat cupboards and a range of drawers. 


  1. The Kick Back Off-Road has two 95L tanks and even a 110L grey water tank, with a large  payload capacity of 800kg. Therefore, running out of water may not be cause for worry as you will get to take along more water.  
  2. There is a checker plate storage box, which is mounted above the drawbar, and placed behind a mesh stoneguard that protects both 9kg gas cylinders. This storage box has a nearside slide-out tray that can be used to mount a portable barbecue.
  3. A slide-out tray fitted on  the offside can also alternate as a 2kVA generator. 
  4. Love starry nights and late night partying? Well, an LED light is mounted on the front as well as the rear, that is attached to LED awning lights and which can be used to brighten up the campsite. 
  5. For added protection, there are scrub rails on either side of the vehicle. There is sufficient protection on the underside, except for a few PVC pipes that are exposed at the rear of the vehicle. 


External: Mighty tough!

Legend Trackline

  1. The Legend’s Trackline Off-Road tourer has an exciting set of gears on offer, which have been carefully put together to blend luxury and proficiency offroad. 
  2. This classic vehicle sits on a 6in Aussie-made chassis with a 4in riser, though this may seem usual, there are  additional support beams that increase the notch on strength and offroad reliability.
  3.  As far as the weight of the vehicle is concerned, this is made of 2400kg while maintaining a 3500kg ATM, add to that 1100 kg payload – built for touring!
  4. A caravan with so much to offer should ideally have been very heavy, but thanks to the Aluminium chassis, the weight is kept under check. 


  1. This luxurious vehicle has top quality appliances to boast about, for long periods of caravanning, whether it stretches across mountains or against the gentle noise of a breezy river. needed 
  2. The kitchen is a functional set up with a four-burner gas top, a full size microwave, a 190L fridge, strong cupboards and drawers with hardy benchtops. 
  3. There is a spacious  ensuite at the back of the vehicle while a large queen-sized bed is present at the front.
  4. The Off-grid capability of this caravan is impressive, but there is no external kitchen.
  5. To tap in on solar power, there are two 150W solar panels.
  6. For a good power back up, there are two 120Ah AGM batteries. 
  7. The two 95L water tanks and one 120L grey water tank, ensure that you get to carry sufficient water. 

Off Road Comfort

  1. a perfectly designed off road vehicle should not be overtly heavy, and it should have contemporary features, both of which Legend has been able to provide this recreational vehicle. 
  2. To ensure better comfort on road, the independent suspension and good ground are important factors.
  3. This model has all the essentials,  with even neat hinged footrests present at the end of the dinette’s seating. 


  1. The body length of this beautiful vehicle is just below 6m long while the travel height is over 3m.  It has a payload of 1100kg that lets it neter the category of  ‘Cruiser’
  2. The chassis is a 6in G&S Supagal frame riding with a G&S control rider and independent coil suspension that is dual axle.  

The offroad vehicles provided by Legend caravans are an array of harsh beauties that are great for touring, matching comfort with functionality. 

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