Find Out What Makes Supreme Caravans Superior

Find Out What Makes Supreme Caravans Superior

Supreme caravans started off in a humble workshop but now have a roaring clientele to boast, an indication of their superior technology and service support. These are perfect caravans for 4 wheel drive enthusiasts and their range includes semi and full off road caravans with all the luxury features you need for a great trip.

If you are thinking of offroad adventure, then supreme caravans offer access to some of Australia’s most remote regions. Not only are their models sturdy but they are great on comfort and style!

Least explored:

There are so many places in Australia that are hardly explored, with some of them truly gems in terms of beauty and adventure. Supreme caravans are committed to taking caravanners to these exotic locales, with the best in comfort and strength. From bathrooms to a neat kitchen, there is no dearth of facility in these modern caravans. 

Strengthened chassis:

The chassis of these caravans are strengthened and the undercarriage galvanised, so that there is minimal risk of damage. Offroading is a time for adventure but the caravan should be built to cope with the ups and downs of the harsh roads, which is just what supreme caravans is all about.

Additional features: 

The off road models of supreme caravans include tie down points on the chassis, strong aluminium cladding, checker plate under the windows, glazed windows, 2 water tanks with 95 litres capacity and 2 cycle deep batteries. 

There are multiple layouts that the supreme caravans can be customised for, after all, while some people prefer travelling alone, there are others who enjoy company, so the needs are varied. Irrespective of how different the requirements of the customer are, supreme caravans are built to satisfy them all. 

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