Offroading Using The Mighty Beasts From JB  Caravans

Offroading Using The Mighty Beasts From JB Caravans

JB caravans have moved from being a simple workshop to a stellar caravan manufacturing outfit that has taken the market by storm. There is luxury in every bit of their caravan, but without being exorbitantly expensive. This Australian-owned and operated manufacturer operate with very stringent end-to- end quality control measures, which is why these caravans are the market leaders today. 

JB Caravans Scorpion

Their Off-Road caravans include the following:


This has a great stable body, or the tough skin, with soft luxurious interiors to snuggle up in. Fitted with a single axle, top quality appliances, modern finishing and a mini washing machine, it brings you the comfort of your home to your caravan. 

The overall body length of the caravan is 7.3m, while the plush interiors include premium vinyl flooring,Queen bed mattress, premium double stitch upholstery, lightweight doors and button less door handles.

There is another variant to Gator, called variant Gator X. This is one tough looking beast with nudge bars, under body armour, recovery points and more. This also comes with opulent interiors that comprise of high grade appliances, mini washer, single axle and some really exclusive ranges of colours.


This off road model takes off from the semi-off road range, making it the perfect predator for the great Australian outback. Don’t just stick to the main roads, explore some of the remote spaces suing this beast, as its rugged construction, ALKO suspension along with 16″ off road tyres, the JB Scorpion will help you seek out more. 

The JB scorpion is about 8.3m in length and there are a variety of colours that you can choose from for the interiors. The vinyl flooring is a single piece, giving you uniformity and space. 

 A more meaty variant is the Scorpion Sting, which has the ATX Cruisemaster suspension, 16″ full off road tyres and rugged construction. This offroad warrior will let you explore the wondrous trails of the outback but will give you the safety that you will need to do so.  

Milano Grande

The ultimate offroad champion, The Milano Grande, is sure to leave you thoroughly exhilarated, safe and asking for more. After all, this off road caravan has more than what you can ask for. There are high quality appliances and fixtures that this recreational vehicle is fitted with, boating of a superior finish. Some of the highlights of this model include an en-suite bathroom, roman blinds, glass touch point switch, leather upholstery, smart TVs, electric step and more, spread across a length of 9.0m. This is a 5 star luxury palace that you will be travelling in, making the drive a luxurious one.  

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