Top 5 Reasons Why Royal Flair Caravans Provide Great Caravans

Top 5 Reasons Why Royal Flair Caravans Provide Great Caravans

Royal flair caravans are well known caravan manufacturers based in Campellfield, Victoria. Here are some of the reasons why this brand of caravans are popular.  

Trust: Trust is built over many years and if the number of years is evidence of customer confidence in a brand, then the Royal flair caravans,established in 1975 by the Deralas family, is a trustworthy brand. They have over 70 years of industry experience, bringing unique design features and high quality fabrication techniques to produce state of the art caravans. 

Great field testing: While you can read reviews of caravans across many websites to find out how good these caravans are when you take them out, actual field tested caravans have a superior edge to them. After all, it goes to show that the manufacturers have put in the right effort to bring out stellar vehicles. Royal field caravans are tested in some of the most hostile environments and across some really harsh weather, to understand if these vehicles have what it takes to go offroad in any weather. 

Attention to minutia: Royal flair caravans believe in attention to the smallest detail, which include details about fabrics, textures and the layout for the caravans. This is one of the reasons why these caravan manufacturers produce caravans that feel like they are just perfect! 

Royal Flair Caravans

Designs based on customer needs: Customer needs are varied and advancements in technology warrant constant enhancements in terms of design, structure and fixtures. Royal flair caravans ensure that their designs are updated with customer requirements and technological advancements in mind.  

Environmental concerns are other aspects that these caravan manufacturers lay additional stress on. Sustainable and durable material are used to build these caravans.   

Accredited by the Caravan industry: The Royal flair caravans have been accredited by the Caravan Industry Association of Australia, which makes them the ONLY caravan manufacturer with an  ISO 9001 certificate. 

The Royal flair caravans have a wonderful range of off-road caravans like Raptor, Razor XT, Aussie mate,Piazza and more. When you have reached one of the best in the Industry, finding the perfect caravan is all about selecting from the models they have. 

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