Why Choose Roadstar Caravans

Why Choose Roadstar Caravans

Building state of the art caravans for the past 30 years, Roadstar caravans manufacture premium off road caravans that are high on comfort and offroad warriors at the same time. This caravan manufacturer was then sold in 2009 to Australian Hitec Engineering, a chassis manufacturer building caravans for over 40 years. The vision and experience of Roadstar caravans combined with Hitec Engineering’s technical expertise, resulting in first rate caravans that are considered to be the best in Australia. 

1)    High on opulence: The comfort and plush interior of these caravans are highlighted in the soft closing drawers and in the kitchen acrylic finishes. The brushed metal light switches and the cosy entertainment area elevate the interiors of the caravan, making it look exquisite. , the modern acrylic finishes throughout the kitchen, and brushed metal light switches. 

2)    Modernizations: The Roadstar range of caravans are versatile in design, with ergonomics and basic performance in mind. Every caravan is built with usability and comfort in mind. 

The immense floor plans that are specious, yet complemented by light furniture and classic cabinetry provide delightful interiors. 

3)    Workmanship: Irrespective of what type of technology is used, the care taken to build a caravan and the final finish play an important role in how good the caravan looks and feels. Industry leading technology is used to produce these perfect caravans by professionals with immense experience, which means that every caravan that is rolled out, is as built to perfection. 

4)    Warranty: A good warranty period provided by Roadstar caravans let you enjoy your holiday without worrying about what might upset it. 

Roadstar offers a three-year warranty for any manufacturing fault across Australia. This means that from your cup holder to the cupboard door can be claimed during the warranty period, definitely the best in the industry. 

5)    Stellar customer care:  After sales service is one of the best in the industry. There are more than a 100 agents who can service a roadstar caravan across Australia, which means that service is not limited to any specific region. 

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