50 Family friendly Playgrounds in Victoria

Need to take your kids away on a holiday but don’t know where to head to? Caravanning is a great way for families to enjoy affordable holidays that are spontaneous and filled with adventure. However, a good plan starts with finding out where you want to be headed and what you will get when you get there. Here is a list of 50 family friendly playgrounds in Victoria.

1) Wombat Bend: This is a wonderful bush park that is fully enclosed, making it safe for family. There are plenty of activities that kids could engage in and a lot of seating for people who want to sit down for lunch or for mothers to breastfeed their children. The sandpit is one of the favourites and there are a lot of pathways for children to use their scooters or their skates.

This playground is well landscaped, allowing families to enjoy the beauty of nature while their children get to play. Good access to toilets is another advantage, especially for mothers with toddlers.

There is a maze present as soon as visitors enter the park, which gets children excited and looking forward to some adventure. Next comes an amphitheatre, after which is a sandpit with water flowing into it. The flying foxes and slides keep older children entertained, while bat swings can accommodate upto three children.

There is a lot to do in this playground and children enjoy their time here.

2) Bicentennial Park:

This park is fenced and has many activities for children of all ages. There is a fairy garden, a quirky smurfs village and plenty of slides for children to have a lot of fun.

There are spaces for BBQ and plenty of picnic spots. There are some activities for children who may be physically challenged, some for kids to improve their strength and balance while there are plenty for children to use their imagination and have a lot of fun.

The Bicentennial park recently underwent a makeover that cost $1.4 million with an onus on providing a safe environment for kids. The facilities that were enhanced during the makeover include a new skating park, timber climbing poles, a DJ table, additional park seating as well as additional shelters, and a new youth plaza that houses a multi-court area, while the existing rotary stage was retained.

The changes that were incorporated have further enhanced the park, ensuring that families enjoy their time here, as kids have plenty to do.

3) Ray bastin reserve:

This is an award winning park that has many activities for children to engage in. Though this space themed park has been around for many years, it is still very popular with children.

This playground can make any kid who loves Buzz light year go crazy with all the space themed fun around. There are rockets, astronauts, stars , space, a rocket control panel, moon buggy and more. The most fascinating aspect of this park is that, even adults will enjoy looking at all the stuff here.

Though most of this playground is under direct sunlight, there are areas that are bench seats and picnic areas that are shaded. There is a lot of variety in the play equipment in this park, apart from the usual swings and slides, there are explosives (!), rockets and UFOs and a lovely skate park. There is even a BMX park, BBQs and water fountains. To complete the picture, this park has onsite toilets, which is convenient!

Children on a wheelchair will enjoy the liberty swing, which has been specially designed, while there are other exciting elements all across the park for children to explore without having to climb up.

Though the park is well cared for, it is far from being new and shiny. There are elements that seem rusty, especially the signboards. Apart from this, it really is a great park.

4) Edinburgh gardens: Edinburgh Gardens is a large park located in North Fitzroy that boasts of a little bit of history. This park was developed on the land that was granted by Her Majesty, Queen Victoria in 1862 and planned by Clement Hodgkinson. At a size of 24 hectares, this park is large by urban standards.

Edinburgh Gardens is one of the most popular parks in Melbourne. There is always something happening at this park that many families look forward to. Group activities like BBQ, skate board riding, get togethers and more. Facilities for sports include tennis courts, basketball court, barbeques and sports field.

This park was once the home of Fitzroy Football Club, and the grandstand dates back to the 19th century. There are many structures of historical significance in this park, including the stone drinking fountain, war memorial and a rotunda. There are big lawns, sheltered spots and calm avenues that are frequented by many people.

A new playground was opened for children in August 2010, in keeping with the times, which includes chalkboards, a climbing spider net and picnic tables. This park is differently abled friendly and has an in park toilet facility.

5) Bollygum park: Bollygum Park has been designed around the famous book Bollygum by Garry Fleming. Built across 2 and half acres of land, this magical park starts to enthrall right from the Bower birds nest to the bridge over the creek. If you are lucky, you could catch a glimpse of the platypus that  sits at the bank of the dry river bed.

There is a wonderful wombats house which has been crafted well with mirrors and a story wall. The path to this house is an avenue with native plants dotting the sides. There is an interesting fishing spot next to the sandpit, and there are a few fishing poles that you could use to fish.

The biggest attraction at this playground is the Frogmouths house that has a junior and senior section to entertain across ages. There are many interesting activities here like monkey bars, wall climbing, flying fox, rope bridges and many loud yet entertaining musical elements. There is even a skate park that is adjacent to this park.

6) Peter Scullin reserve: This ship themed park is located at Mordialloc beach and is a popular playground for visitors and locals. There are plenty of picnic tables, activities and barbeques for children.

7) Phoenix Park Playground: If you have ever wanted to play in a fort, running around and playing catch, then this would be it. This fort styled wooden playground includes a library, BBQ tables, a neighbourhood house, tables and a café.

There is plenty to do for children, letting them choose from ten swings and a sand pit, built in the middle of a wooden structure. This structure has many nooks and crannies, getting children involved in imaginary play with knights and soldiers.

The phoenix park playground is a great place for both younger children as well as older kids. This park was built with a lot of community effort, with mothers and children involved in building it. The fence of the park lists the names of people who contributed to this park, people who toiled physically in bringing it up as well as people who financially contributed.

The cafe at the park is run by a family, so adding to the warmth of the place. It is present at the Phoenix community centre, present adjacent to the park.

8) Mentone Racecourse Playground:

The Mentone racecourse playground has been built on the erstwhile Mentone racecourse playground. Therefore, this playground is based on horseracing. There are images of horses on the walls of the main structure and there are plenty of activities for children to choose from: a climbing wall, fireman’s pole, twin wave slides, high judges box that comes with a ladder, binoculars to view the lake and a birds nest swing.

There is a walled maze made up of wood and a sandpit for added fun. To add to the adventure is a musical turtle in a lake that has an entrance form a rocky creek bed! Move a little ahead of the lake and there is an area with four swings, two spinners and a carousel.

The playground gets you in touch with nature’s natural splendour as it is built around an ornamental lake that attracts plenty of water birds. If you want to sit under the shade and sip into your drink, then there are shelters with tables along with BBQ. Other facilities include a basketball court, water taps, grassy area with soccer and football goal posts and a big tennis wall.

9) Centenary Park:

The autumn foliage is great to watch in the town of Bright, which is also known as the gateway to the Victorian Alps. However, this is a great place to enjoy, even when summer is on. The Centenary park is at the junction of Morses creek and the Ovens River.

The Ovens river is famous for being a spot for swimming, with lifeguards dotting the thin sandy banks of the river during summer. It’s not just the swimming, but the giant slide that drops into the water that is cause for a lot of excitement and thrill.

Younger children who can’t swim in the river need not fret though, there is a small fibreglass pool which has been built just for the little simmers. The Rotary club has even built a green water slide that drops into a water cage.

There are tall deciduous trees all around the park, making it perfect for a picnic or barbecue lunch. If you are looking for refreshments, then there are interesting cafes that dot the nearby streets.

10) Community Bank Adventure Playground Hadfield Park:

The Community Bank® Adventure Playground is great for adventure play for kids of all ages and with different abilities. There is a thrilling five-story tower with three slides that adds a new dimension to fun, while a fully accessible and refreshing water splash park is popular with children who visit the park.

There is definitely a lot of water in this playground, with facilities like a tummy churning flying fox that is 25 metre high, water jets, sensory play locations and an aqua drop bucket.

Other facilities at the park include barbecue areas, change rooms and access for wheelchairs. There are plenty of cafes and food joints close to the park.

11) Eltham Lower Park Accessible Play Space:

Eltham Lower Park playspace is an accessible adventure playground which is fully fenced and situated opposite to the Diamond Valley Railway. Not only is the playground great for children to play, but the train ride to the park is an added thrill that most children enjoy.

This playground is based on the endangered butterfly Eltham Copper Butterfly. There are descriptions about the butterfly on numerous panels, climbing wall and on sculptures.

There is a pathway that runs all across the playground, past the swings, flying foxes, carousel, sand trays and more. The beauty of this playground makes it a popular choice for conducting birthday parties as it has a lot of picnic shelters, BBQs, toilets and of course, the diamond valley railway.

12) Booran reserve:

Booran Reserve was designed by the council in consultation with sports experts. The pathways in this playground gently slope and are colourful, helping people with limited vision ability and allowing intuitive movement.

There are multiple swings with a wide range of seating and double flying fox for engaging and immersive play. Other activities include trampolines, Dutch disc spinner, climbing rope and birds nest swing.

There is something here for everyone, whether you are interested in active play or passive play. There are even picnic shelters and barbeques for group fun.

13) McKenzie Reserve:

This is an award winning park that has been carefully landscaped to cater to the interests of people of all ages and abilities. The facilities in this park include a skate park, lawns for interesting picnics and plenty of shade for sheltered activities.

This playground is easily accessible and has in playground toilets.The lawn area is suitable for BBQs as there are many picnic tables too.

14) Heathcote Playspace:

This playground has been built close to the Barrack Reserve, which has a refreshing swimming pool and a community pavilion. There is a large barrel play unit, a seesaw hand pump, swings, slides, trampoline and even a xylophone pod spinner. There is plenty of seating available for parents to sit down and watch their child play.

The most sought after activity here is a large barrel play unit that is fitted with a central mast with a sculptural weathervane. To signify Heathcote as an important centre for growing grapes, the Central mast of the play also has a grape vine trellis.

There are many events that are hosted in this playground, though the play activities cannot be booked while the surrounding park can be reserved.

15) Ardrie Park:

A little bit about how the park came into being, Malvern City Council in 1917 bought 7.25 acres of land , which is now at the back of the park. Thomas Pockett, who was the park’s first curator designed the park and the gardener’s cottage. This cottage was demolished many years later but the park remains.

An interesting fact about the park is that in 1918 a winding avenue with elms trees was constructed, including those trees that were removed from Paxton Street. A cricket pitch was proposed for cricket enthusiasts while shrubs were planted at the borders.

As the popularity of the park increased, so did its popularity among dogs. A fence was built along the walkway to keep them away, subsequently.

As a definitive move to promote active sports, tennis courts were built. The pavilion and the toilet block were built in the 1970’s. A large building built of Timber, which was once in The Presbyterian Church tennis courts, was relocated into the park.

The park now hosts events as there are BBQ facilities and plenty of play area.

16) SPC Ardmona kidstown adventure playground:

This is one of the popular adventure centres in Victoria and it provides many hours of entertainment to children of all ages and abilities. The play spaces are fully fenced and spread across a massive 5 acres of land. Activities that kids could look forward to here include giant slides, sensory fruit bin, maze and train rides.

This playspace is not only designed for fun but can be educative too as it has been carefully put together to engage, stimulate and educate. This is a safe place to play, which makes it a delight for parents who revel in the benefits of illuminative play amidst protective environments.

There is a natural bush cover that provides the tranquil setting for picnics, BBQs and for play during hot days.

17) Livvi's Place Casey:

Livvi’s place Casey has been reviewed to be the playground that has it all. This well known playground is at the Marriott Waters Recreation Reserve, and is secured with a fence all around. Parents can watch over their kids as they immerse themselves into many hours of play.

Other facilities at the park include BBQs, a drinking fountain, plenty of seating and toilets, making it easy for parents with small children.

There are plenty of swings, shaded playspaces, a massive double flying fox, climbing mounds and more. As there are accessible pathways, parents can take a short stroll around the playspace as they watch over their children at play.

18) McIndoe Park: 

This is a large playground that is secured with fencing all around and in the midst of lawns and gum trees. There are so many things to do at this playground that most children are left wondering where to start!

The main activity at this park includes a wave slide, chains hanging, ramps, abacus, plastic rungs through which children can pass through, monkey rungs, climbing wall, fireman's pole and more.

There are plenty of seats, both under the shade and without, BBQs and tables and a huge shelter for events and other group activities.

19) Buckingham Reserve, Sunshine West:

Buckingham Reserve’s playground is for children of all ages as it has a lot of activities for them like completely rubberised play spaces, sandpit, swings, rock walls and even a dual flying fox.

A rocket tower which is nine metres tall is a sought after play as kids climb up enthusiastically and let themselves onto the slide for some exhilarating fun.

As you enter this playground, there are maple trees that lead into a car park, an additional playground which has a lot of activities based on nature, a picnic area and a space for BBQs. The Buckingham Reserve is one of the flagship parks that were designed by the council and it can be accessed by the Kororoit Creek Trail.

20) Lake Pertobe Adventure Park:

Lake Pertobe adventure playground is a great place to unwind with kids at any time of the year. There are giant slides, boat rides, flying foxes and even a maze to leave every little camper thrilled. Spread over 20 hectares, there are pleasant walking tracks that let parents get their bit of exercise as they watch their little ones prance delightfully across the playspace.

There are picnic areas and BBQ around the park for people to sit together and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Sporting facilities available in this park include a mini golf course and tennis courts.

21) Pakenham Recreation Reserve:

This reserve underwent an upgrade recently, which has enhanced the facilities available. It is fully fenced which makes it safe for small children. The biggest highlight is the wooden play that has big slides.

There was a sandpit earlier which has now been removed but an 8.5 metre tower slide has been added in its place.

Younger children will enjoy the thrill of sliding down the tower slide or the swings and the mini trampoline while older children will enjoy the pleasant bicycle ride along the carefully designed bike path.

This path includes picnic tables, BBQ and toilet facilities.

22) Keeley park playground:

This park has been designed by the council next to a very big pond/ small lake. However, there is no need for worry as the water level in the pond is either very low or non existent.

There is a big slide, monkey bars, lumberjack roll, swings, BBQ and picnic tables. These activities encourage children to enjoy their time outdoors.

Another important feature about this park is the council’s attempt to lower water bills for the park using rain water harvesting practices.

23) Peregrine reserve:

This playground has plenty of grassy area and a wooden playground that include green and yellow coloured activities. There are slides in the central wooden play along with activities like fireman’s pole, vertical spiral climbers, wooden walkway, chain bridge, monkey bars and flying fox.

There is a wooden statue of the peregrine birds, after which the park has been named. There is plenty of seating available but they are not in shaded areas of the park.

Older children will enjoy the basketball court while younger children will find the dinosaur eggs fascinating.

There is a separate area for a structure that has 2 stand-on spinners and a spinner onto which you can hold onto and spin.

24) George Pentland Botanic Gardens:

This park is well known for its undulating grassy lands and garden beds that provide access to exquisite fauna. It is ideal for families to relax in these pleasant pastures, soaking in the greenery around.

Play activities available in this reserve include dreaming poles, an ornamental lake, BBQ and picnic facilities and plenty of space to play.

The park also has plenty of walking tracks, shelter and toilets. Pets are not allowed into this park.

25) Black saphire pirate ship playground:

There is a lot of fun that this impressive Black Sapphire Pirate Ship brings to the numerous kids who make their way to the local Aberfeldie park. This park underwent an updation and is now bigger and better than before.

The area around the ship has been doubled and there is much more for the kids than there was before. Some of the new additions include better landscaping, BBQs, picnic tables and a path for riding a bike.

There is a big slide, stepping stones, play area, hammocks and a rock climbing area which will keep children engaged for many hours of play. There is a river nearby and a walk down the river is another pleasant experience.

The ship has many fun props that can be used for imaginary play, like the ship's wheel, a treasure map and even a bell. Whether alone or as a group, children will enjoy their time aboard this ship, transforming themselves into smart captains or pirates for bountiful entertainment.

26) Wyreena Gallery & Community Centre:

Wyreena Playspace has been carefully designed to stimulate the sense of colour, texture and light among children.

This playground is ideal for children below 12 years and has many creative and artistic aspects that encourage children to think laterally. Designed by James Cattel, the art pieces are meant to interest the uninitiated while the sounds for the interactive music objects were composed by Herbert Jercher.

The Playspace can be accessed from the conservatory cafe and is surrounded by benches, so parents get to watch their children play.

27) Apex Park:

The Apex park at Stratford is an award winning park and has a medieval theme to it. This park has been built on the banks of the Avon River and includes a castle adventure, shaded BBQ, BMX track and plenty of seating in the grassy area.

There are plenty of things for children to do here like the castle with its huge dragon, scrambling wall and climbing wall, stocks ,ramps, sword in a rock,abacus, play areas, stand-on spinners, tic-tac-toe, triple curving slide and a distorting mirror.

This playground is great for a medieval theme party as it includes a big wooden table where you can host a banquet. Of course there is also a shelter close to the castle with BBQ and tables.

28) Belvoir Park, Wodonga:

If you have been wondering where to take your pet dog, then this would be a great place. Belvoir Park has a fantastic children’s playground, the exotic Sumsion Gardens and is also an off-leash dog park.

This park is picturesque and the sheer beauty can enthrall walkers and make exercising here a visually pleasant experience. There is a lake in the middle of the park which has many geese, black swans and ducks.

Children have many play equipment to play with, but unique additions are musical instruments, slides and mirrors. The large open space is great for children to run along and have some group fun, while baby change facilities give mother’s their space.

29) Flinders Playground , Flinders:

The Flinders playground is situated at the corner of Cook & Norman Streets and it is set in a large grass area, with a big wooden playground. There are big gum trees that provide the perfect shade for this playground.

The playground includes climbing structures, chain climbing wall, wobble bridge,monkey bars, monkey bars, balance beam, flying fox and swings. Another attractive play is the high wave slide on one side, where children love spending time.

The highlight of this park is that the playground is not too high, so it is safe for little children to play with. The older children will be impressed by creative additions to this playspace.

30) Ferny Creek Reserve Playground , Sassafras:

The Ferny creek reserve playground boasts of a fully shaded space, set amidst luscious and tall trees. This is a playground for children who like bounding from one end to the other, without setting foot down on the ground! More like Tarzan, minus the tree crawling.

The activities include a cubby with a slide, tyre swings, flying fox, monkey bars, fireman’s pole and tunnels. There are delightful frog and car spinners can add bounce to a child’s day.

The large open spaces let children run around and have fun, something they would enjoy as there is plenty of shade to keep them protected from the sun.

31) Bob Pettit Reserve, Jan Juc:

Bob Pettit reserve has a wonderful playground, inclusive of a sensory garden. There are two play equipment present for children to play with. The nigger one has a bigger ramp and two good wave slides. Ofcourse there are plenty of other activities in this structure as well like the monkey bars, ladders, steps, scrambling walls and a fireman's pole.

The smaller of the two structures is ideal for younger children, for whom the lower level is ideal for safe play. There are walkways, tunnels, cubby area, wave slide, hammock, sings and more.

There is plenty of shelter at this park, so BBQ and picnics will turn out to be pleasant. Older kids will also enjoy the basketball court and the skate park.

32) Jaycee park:

Situated at the west end of Hugh King Drive, Jaycee Park is frequented by many children as it has on display a K class train engine in the middle of a grassy lawn. This area is bordered by shady trees while there are plenty of activities spread all over the park.

There is a big pirate ship which boasts of dual wave slides and a long ramp, along with fun panels and a wall panel. Children enjoy role play aboard this ship as it is dotted with props like steering wheel, fireman’s pole, hanging chains, binoculars and a speak and listen system.

As a big relief to mothers, the entire area is fenced in, so kids cannot stray out on their own. However, they would not want to leave the place as it has a maze with panels, an abacus, a shop front, chain traverse, cubby seat and two springers. Add to that flying fox, swings, pyramid rope and even a small slide.

There is more to the list, numerous shaded and unshaded tables, BBQs and a hot water urn so you can make yourself a hot cup of tea!

33) Shepparton’s All Abilities Playground:

This is a playground that has been specially designed to give everyone, with differing abilities, a great place to play in. It is a treasure trove for families with all abilities.

The main focus of design while setting up this playground has been to ensure that the play equipment are easily accessible. There are a number of ramps for children in wheelchairs and support for them to move around freely.

The playground is secured by a 1.8m high fence which allows parents and caregivers to relax without being anxious about the child’s movement outside the park. There are toilets and changing rooms that are wheelchair friendly.

The open spaces and the picnic areas can be booked through the Council leisure services department but the playground cannot be exclusively booked.

34) Pauline Gandel Children's Gallery, Carlton:

This payspace has been specially designed for children below 5 years of age. There is something in here for every child to ignite the torch of curiosity, there is a dinosaur dig site for budding palaeontologists, promising art enthusiasts a chance to view special artifacts at the museum, blossoming botanists who wish to revel at the wondrous charm of plants. If all this sounds to staid, then there is plenty of dancing for kids who love it at the ‘'camouflage disco' .

There is a lot of learning and play, as the exhibits are engaging and are meant to give a taste of the immersive world of museums. This is not only for children, but also for caregivers, educators and families. This playspace/ educative centre is also autism friendly and includes stories on autism spectrum for children and their families.

35) Warr Park, Brunswick:

This heritage park was recently upgraded and is a charming place to play for children of all ages. There is a pedestrian access for people from De Carle Street and Albion Street and Sydney Road.

The new playground was constructed in 2015 , which included repaving of the walking paths, improving the shrub and tree planting and even setting up a drinking fountain with dog dish.

The park also has facilities for a BBQ and has drinking water supply. This is a leash on park so dogs would have to be on a leash throughout.

36) Lance Reichstein Playground, Braybrook:

The Lance Reichstein Playground once had a gigantic all-weather adventure playground which was built to resemble a plain, unfortunately, it was vandalised in 2015 and burnt down. However, it has been rebuilt with a host of new features that were not there earlier.

The playspace extends over a large area and it has multiple play equipment for children of all ages.

There are four parts to the plane, the cockpit nd the front are great for wannabe pilots and climbers.While the tail and the rear end are more suited for younger children.

This interesting playspace has swings on the ‘wings’ of the plane and an ‘aviation tower’ with a twisted slide and a plain slide. There are even merry go rounds, flying foxes and springers designed into the ‘plane’.

There is a path to scooter down, so kids get to enjoy their plane ‘ride’ really well!

37) Smart St Reserve, Hawthorn:

This playground has a main equipment at the centre, which has a wave slide on one side and a rope climbing frame.
There are steps in the middle of this structure with a spiral climber at one end.

The low height of this equipment makes it a great playspace for younger children, for whom tall structure may be inaccessible and unsafe for play.

Other activities present in this playground include a hillock with a slide, a spinning tea-cup, see-saw, four swings, little wooden "caves" and toadstools. There is a vast grassy play area with plenty of seats and water taps.

38) Barwon Valley Park, Belmont:

This playground is considered to be a wonderland for children with its upscale play equipment, breathtaking scenery and vast open areas for random play. Barwon valley park is situated on the bank of Barwon river.

Barwon valley park is home to wildlife, letting you get a little closer to a variety of animals. There are facilities for a family picnic with plenty of areas under the cover of trees. The lush green trees, the skimper of wildlife, friends and family around and a snack in hand, what more of a picnic can one ask for?

The landscape has been designed to ignite creative play among children and there is a flying fox here that could set adrenaline levels high.

39) Stake Park, Mount Evelyn:

This is a interesting skate park that transitions into a higher and lower level, providing additional challenges for the beginner as well as for the more trained skater.situated close to the Warburton Rail Trail, it is easily accessible.

Other features at the skate park include a walking track, picnic tables, a drink fountain, rotunda, BMX and basketball and a vast lawn area.

40) Emerald Lake Park, Emerald:

Emerald lake park has many activities for the entire family. Fishing is a popular activity in this park, with rainbow trout restocked every year, which means that there is plenty of fish to trap. However, there is a limit on the number of fish that may be caught every day.

There are plenty of walking tracks at this park, from short walks to longer more challenging hikes. The Emerald lake park has a virtual ranger trail gives you plenty of information in the form of videos, images, texts about the park’s plants and animals.

The playground at this park has many play equipment like double hang n glide, orbital spinner, climbing structure and pyramid net. There are six interesting murals in this park that are interesting. For those who love a good paddle boat ride, there are paddle boats that can be hired and taken for a pleasant trip down Lake Treganowan.

41) Mortlake Playground, Mortlake:

This park was earlier known as the Kings arms field, which was donated to the public by Earl Spencer in 1860 for recreation. There are many recreational sports with many lush green trees and shrubs dotting the park. Other play facilities are a basketball hoop and play suitable for all ages.

42) EA Coulson Garden, Maribyrnong:

The EA coulson garden has an action Jackson territory which is a big, vibrant metal climbing frame with a dome, along with a rope climbing frame, slanting wood and a hammock to laze around in.

Apart from this activity, there is another one with activity panels, spiral ladder, slide, steps, pipe musical instrument and a stand-on spinner. Other interesting activities include a spin around cup, Bertie Beatle springer, birds nest swing, sandpit with digger donut ring, carousel with seats and sand play table.

43) Riverwalk Village Park, Werribee:

Riverwalk village park is for children as well as for children at heart. There is a water play area and exhibition garden that are sought after by the entire community.
The water play area involves passionate play with the water, while soaking in the sun. The water rushes out from pipes underground, letting children dance in between the showers, squealing in laughter.

The playground area has many play equipment that could keep children entertained for many hours. The lush green lawns are an inviting backdrop for couple picnics or there is option of hosting BBQ for families under the pavilion. There are numerous native plants that are sure to appeal to the sense of walkers as they tread past, enjoying the company of the pretty flowers and the pleasant locales.

Older kids who are on the lookout for sports facilities will enjoy the basketball court and the skating rink.

44) Warrien Reserve, Croydon North:

Warrien reserve has been designed to include people with all abilities, making it an inclusive play space. The children’s playground is well equipped, with shaded BBq facility, picnic tables, open lawn and built in toilets. There is a wheelchair accessible toilet, picnic tables and paths, so people with mobility difficulties will find isupport here.

There is a 1km nature trail that has a mild gradient and which is easily accessible. Spread over 13 acres, there are 142 indigenous plants and 11 regional plants.

45) Lake Weeroona Park, Bendigo:

Lake Weeroona is a well known park in North Bendigo, popular for the adventure playground, heritage pavilions, rowing activities and the native flora & fauna.

This park was built In 1873 by Mayor Duggall McDougall, who turned a mining site into an exotic lake and reservoir. The main mission was to create a space of tranquility, based around a large lake. The Lake Weeroona park is popular as a picnic and a barbeque venue.

46) Brim Brim Park, Mornington:

This playground is close to the train tracks, which forms the back ground for a train theme park. This quaint playground has an endearing train theme, with an engine for the little ones to climb onto and enjoy role play.

Other activities include swings, two slides, seesaw and two types of monkey bars, wooden structures for play and a climbing wall.

47) Grosvenor Reserve, South Yarra:

The best way to get to this small but effective playground is via Cliff Street. There are two parts to this play area, one with ramp, animal shaped panels, climbing mat, slide, inclined walkway, fireman’s pole, stepping stones, springer and swings.

On the other side of the park is a slide with a ladder, chain bridge, scrambling wall, monkey bars and a balance beam. There are plenty of seats and tree covered areas for picnics. A Basketball court and tennis wall add to the activity list of older children, though the grassy area of this park is relatively small.

48) South Surrey Park:

The South Surrey park is a part of a green corridor which joins Lynden Park in Camberwell and Surrey Hills. There are plenty of wildlife and birds that make the park their home.

This park is great for walkers as it has well graded paths all throughout the park.
There is a native animal theme in the children’s playground, which makes play there fascinating.

South Surrey park can be hired for weddings and for other special events, basking in the splendour of a truly natural backdrop.

49) Heatherton Park, Clayton South:

Are you on the lookout for a truly unique park? Then head to Heatherton park and let the trolls enthrall you. There is a big troll hunched and green in colour, while another one stares hard with the one eye that it has. You could step into a hut nearby to avoid these trolls, but the huts could house more of them inside!

There are plenty of activities like monkey bars, spiral slide, ladder, rope, fireman’s pole, distorting mirror, spiral ladder and wave slide. There is a basketball court and BBQs for a great barbeque party.

50) Livvi's Place Ballarat, Newington:

Livvi’s place is a wonderful play area that has on offer varied activities to keep children engaged for many hours of play. This secure playground is fully fenced, with only one entry point. The heavy entry gate is heavy and cannot be opened by small kids.

There is an oval grassy area that has shelters with tables and BBQs, for those who would enjoy a lovely picnic.

Some of the activities at the park include see-saw, stand up carousel, digger, vertical logs, surfboard springer , sand play equipment and a raised sand pit.