A Grey Nomad’s delight- The Great Alpine Road

The great Alpine road is a breezy 5 hours drive long, but a quick passage is not what a grey nomad is looking for, and this stretch does not disappoint. The awe inspiring stretch spread over 308 km takes you past breathtaking valleys, huge mountains, lush green forests and lazy rivers.The best part is, your caravan is now going to let you camp along this stretch, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect backdrop for the perfect holiday. 

Sealed road:

Do you want to drive along one of Australia’s most favoured sealed roads? Then head to the road that links Bairnsdale in the Gippsland region to Wangaratta. When you drive down this road, you get to drive over the Great dividing range and  over Mount Hotham, letting you take in the scenic beauty that abounds. Your experience here will be memorable, irrespective of the time of the year or the season that stuns with its transitory brilliance.

Explore the towns nearby:

The captivating town of Bright is just an hour's drive away and is one of the most popular holiday destination for grey nomads. This beautiful town transforms into wonderous scenic hotspot, depending upon the season.

The great Buffalo national park is a must visit, with interesting walking trails, waterfalls, towering  peaks and beautiful scenery.

Another interesting attraction at Wangaratta is history associated with Ned Kelly. Apart from that, there are some wineries that you can visit.

Visiting Mount Hotham:

Driving down Harrietville upto Mount Hotham is an exhilarating experience, and for comparison and complete satisfaction, make sure you time your holidays to coincide with a different season on subsequent visits. The landscape changes from Snowgum forest to alpine ash, both the transitions being equally breathtaking.  While you are there, remember to stop at Danny’s Lookout, after all, this is Australia’s second highest mountain. The view that you get from here is something that you should not miss.

From Omeo to Bairnsdale:

Another breathtaking stretch that extends from Omeo to Bairnsdale is one that is about 120 km long. This town that is on the banks of river Mitchell was primarily built as an inland port. The beauty of this pace is another bonus for any caravanner as the ride down this great Alpine road is sure to make any holiday memorable. If you want more, then do what many caravanners do, turn around and go back down the road, exploring places that you couldn’t the first time!