Crusader caravans Excalibur

Crusader caravans Excalibur

Crusader caravans Excalibur

The Crusader caravans Excalibur is a luxury tourer which is spacious and warms up to families looking for some adventure on the roads.

This caravan was easily distinguishable at the AL-KO Best Aussie Vans 2018 with its long and tall specifications. A grand yet simple caravan, this oxymoron of a caravan, has a certain presence that is not overstated.


Sitting deftly on the dual axles, the road centric suspension fitted onto this caravan give it a height that most people would find convenient, piling on more bonus points.


Space is one of the major concerns in a caravan as it could feel cramped and staid if there are too many things that you end up bumping into. However, not in this caravan, as there is plenty of space to move around in.

The tall body of the caravan results in a head room of more than 2.03m, which is not to say that only people who are really tall will benefit, as the increase in height create a perceived expansive space.

This is not just for the lounge or the living space within the caravan, the additional leeway lets you move about in the bathroom without elbowing the tissue rack or knocking down a shampoo. The space in the kitchen gives you 700kg payload, which means that you can bring a whole lot more when you go out camping. 

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Night out at National Parks?

Caravanning is about going to places that you can’t unless you have one, and National parks are favourite among the grey nomads. So can you camp out for a day or two in this caravan? It has a 95L grey tank, fresh water tanks, solar panels and ample gas makes it all possible.


  • The van’s layout is a great point of interest for many
  • Comfort is also unparalleled, with the lounge seating maong the most popular


The Crusader caravan Excalibur presents a really good picture, combining space and luxury to create the ultimate family tourer on road.