Crusader Musketeer Aramis

Crusader Musketeer Aramis - Review

Crusader Musketeer Aramis

Crusader caravan make several lines of caravans, out of which the Aramis is an interesting van that is pretty long 20 ft and 4 in. There are many different types of caravans that Crusader makes, from tandem axle to single axle to layouts that have bathrooms that are right at the front of the caravan. What makes Aramis stand apart is that this has a tare mass of 2085kgs, making it easy to tow with a Prado.

This caravan is constructed, like many that are built along Melbourne, with an interest that resonates through their detailed brochures and website content.

On the outside

The chassis of the Aramis is solid DuraGal box with 150mm rails and with rocker leaf spring suspension.  The two 95L water tanks are fixed between the rails that are a little ahead of the suspension. If that isn’t enough,  there is additional support in the form of aluminium cladding and a timber frame made of meranti.

The entire roof of this caravan is made up of fibreglass composite material, which stretches up to the alloy chekerplate at the back and at the front. The high point about this composite material is that it not only provides additional support but it also insulates against chilly weather.

What makes the exterior impressive?

Apart from the routine external fitting that you will find in most caravans, what makes Aramis unique is that Milenco Columbia door that also has a security door. Not only does it look smart but it sure feels safe.

Another highpoint is that  the lever mechanism which is used to separate the screen from the main door is preferable over those found in other caravans.

There are towel rails that are present at the front as well as the back of the caravan, which are more for practical purposes than for any sort of visual appeal.

Moving into the boudoir

The bed is at the front of the caravan while the bathroom is right at the back of it. Though this may seem a very banal and archaic layout, the glimmering white and the grey hues with rich black curtains raise the bar on appeal.

There are many big windows that let in a good breeze, particularly through the ones at the front of the caravan.

Crusader Musketeer Aramis - Review

What’s cooking?

There is a Swift four burner cooker with grill and a minimum design kitchen bench. There are sufficiently big drawers, a cupboard, two lockers at the floor , along with dual overhead lockers that are sufficient for storage. There is a 190L three way fridge which is floor mounted and placed between the bathroom wall and the kitchen bench.

The dinette that is cafe style is close to the wheel and can accommodate four people, but it seems better for two to sit. There is a dual power point that is present under the table, as well as a USB charger, all of which are neat and way better than the bad looking power outlets that you would normally find in a caravan.

Getting down to the chores

When you are travelling, the last thing that you need to worry about is when you ought to get back to the caravan to begin washing all your clothes by hand! Therefore, washing machines are no longer a luxury and are considered a necessity. In the Aramis caravan, washing machines fit snugly into the bathroom cabinet, so all your dirty laundry are also skeletons in your closet?


  • Neat construction
  • Huge kitchen workspace
  • Cabinetry near the bed
  • Payload capacity
  • Electric system


The Crusader Musketeer Aramis has a layout that is pretty routine but interesting and innovative enhancements make this a pretty good deal at 63,990$. Moreover, the high payload lets quite a few vehicles tow this caravan.