Find out what makes the Wonderland RV Amaroo Hornet a success

Find out what makes the Wonderland RV Amaroo Hornet a success

Find out what makes the Wonderland RV Amaroo Hornet a success

There is a lot of jazz in the Wonderland RV Amaroo Hornet, which is sure to get a lot of heads turning its way. The black powder coated checker plates bring out the stark contrast of the yellow of the van, making it a truly dazzling vehicle on the road.

1) Their main moto is to keep customers happy: Every one of the caravan manufacturers want to make customers happy, but Jeff goes a step ahead. There is personal interest in building recreational vehicles that will garner the right support from the customer, ensuring that there is no reason for an unhappy holiday experience.

2) They do not want to get you into tight spots: : There is an extended drawbar , powerful LED lights at the rear and a good reversing camera that will ensure that stressful points are avoided. The Hitchmaster DO35 coupling makes hooking up a lot easier as there are locking disc that are spring loaded and the centre pin is self aligning. 

3) They have a good set of brakes: The large 12 in electric activated drums take care of the brakes. Looking into the the tandem axle, there are 4 stylish alloy rims that move the  MPC-27 All-Terrain tyres. In case of emergency, there are two additional spare tyres that are added to the supported rear rail. This is also where 2 jerry can holders are fixed. At the front, there are big stone mesh guards, along with rubber flaps that are used to avert rocks that may get hurled onto the caravan.

4) They have plenty of storage: The draw bar has two mounted gas bottles and a large storage box that is lockable. There are two doors that are fixed to access the storage area, which is present just the storage box. You can store anything from your fishing rods to your picnic chairs to even a hose pipe.

5) They include plenty of security measure: The large door up in front has an upper window through which you can see who is knocking. There is even a mesh door behind the main door, you could either open both the doors together or open just one. Such additional effort in ensuring better security makes the experience better.

6) They have sufficient support for entertainment outside: There are two 12V outlets and a 240V plug that provide power to the outside, letting you sit back and enjoy some good music under the awning. This awning has coordinated black hardware that also elevates the visual appeal.

After a lovely time at the beach , if you wish to shower up before you enter your van, then there is the refreshing external shower that you can use, just beside the driver’s side.

Find out what makes the Wonderland RV Amaroo Hornet a success

7) There is a lot more than you can ask for inside the van: Once you make your way inside the caravan, you will notice how there is a lot more than what you may expect. There is a lot of light streaming in through the many large windows that are fixed inside the van, with an option to open a few to promote air circulation. If you are worried about insects streaming in when you do that, then there are mesh curtains that protect the entry.

The light fixtures inside the caravan provide sufficient light, without making it too bright. While the reverse cycling air conditioner keeps it nice and cosy during the day.

8) They have a full ensuite: Most people worry about the ensuite, after all, this is what will matter when you are out travelling. There is a full shower, a toilet and an outlet at the top that can be manipulated using power.

9) They have a wonderful kitchen: There is a 190-litre three-way fridge freezer that will help make meals that remind you of home, even in the scorching terrains of the outbacks. To aid cooking, there is a Swift stove with three gas burners, and if that isn’t enough, an  electric hotplate. A grill and microwave combination are other additions to the kitchen that bring your culinary prowess to the fore, letting your family enjoy the time onboard.

10) They have even thought of music being integral to travel: When out on a holiday, the simplest of pleasures can make the whole experience exciting. This is why they have provided you with speakers that are internally and externally mounted with a 200W Sansui audio head unit, fixed above the cafe seats.

There is a 22in TV/DVD unit in the boudoir, where you could lie down cosy to enjoy a good movie or listen to some good music using an iPad.

11) They definitely did think about the ride: The Wonderloo Amaroo Hornet sits on a road king 3.8mm steel double box chassis that has a 6in A-frame running across the length of the van. An upper  4X4 chassis gives you the additional height. There are two suspension systems  that are offered, whether the 3.7T Cruisemaster XT independent or the AL-KO Outback suspension. This allows for the stability of your ride, supporting good wheel articulation and smoothing the rough rides on muddy terrains. 

The Wonderland Amaroo Hornet has not scrimped on quality, relaxation or even functionality, which spells into good value for money. The inside of the van is spacious, roomy and airy, impressive right from the beginning.