Goldstream Rhino – A caravan to blow your mind away !

Goldstream Rhino – A caravan to blow your mind away !

Goldstream Rhino – A caravan to blow your mind away !

The Rhino is the answer to the seasoned off-roader; presenting all the features you would find in all full-height caravans of Goldstream RV- ranging from the top-end Model 2300 (measuring 23ft 6in / 7.1m) to the smallest Model 1760 (measuring 17ft 6in / 5.3m).

Body Design

The basic model of rhino has a Cruisemaster XT trailing arm and a spring coil suspension but there is an option to include AirBag suspension. Every wheel is controlled by dual shock absorbers; The control unit of the airbag system in the front boot offers a dual function of offering smoother rides and levelling the vehicle on uneven road by lowering the air pressure on bumpy roads and re-inflating the tyres with the two air-compressor outlets. The manufacturer has also thrown in a pressure guage of the inline type; which is a great add, for true off-roading experience.

The A-frame boasts of the presence of a stone mesh shield ahead of the 9kg twin gas cylinders and the propellor-plate, which provide high grade stone protection during off-roading. Another shield plate protects the water tap of the A-frame and the fresh water tanks of 80 litres capacity located under the floor from damage due to stones. Such features are seen only in a true off-roading vehicle.

Boot Storage:

There is ample boot storage space with salt water proof lining at the rear of the vehicle, except where there is a charge booster Redarc DC-DC; a standard fitting. Apart from this the body doesn’t allow any other options for storage on the outer side. The A-frame is mounted with a generator slide / toolbox, defintely a much needed add on.

Goldstream Rhino – A caravan to blow your mind away !


Unlike the much simpler off roading vans, the Goldstream RV Rhino boasts of an exterior cladding laden with a rugged black propeller-plate, which covers the front windowless panel upto three fourths of its height, at the back portion and on the sides too. The remaining areas are cladded in white or silver matte aluminium panels which are adequately smoothened, being 3mm in thickness.

A composite sandwich, made of meranti timber framed wall, laden with a polystyrene core sheet ply is seen behind this cladding; thus providing a strong and light structure. To this, 12mm thick furnishings are double screwed, dovetailed and glued in place.


The Rhino presents with a tough exterior and a soft interior, so as to speak. With a base price of  $76,500, it packs quite a punch.