GT Sport Cross Country

GT Sport Cross Country - Review

GT Sport Cross Country

With its smooth light grey aluminum cladding, dark gunmetal waist of protective checker plate, substantial ride height and eye-catching decals, the GT Sport Cross Country is a handsome off-road rig jam-packed with features that should get you to the wildest corners of the country in absolute comfort.


Available in a wide variety of configurations including single and dual axle, RV enthusiasts who are choosy about their holiday quarters have 15 layouts in the GT Sport range to choose from-- including body lengths from 16’6” (5.05m) through to 22’6” (6.9m), as well as the optional MK2 options packaging.

True to their decades of caravan-building experience, Roadstar is offering the Cross Country pack as an upgrade to all the floor plans of their GT Sport models. The rig does not disappoint when it comes to build quality- it sits on an Aussie-made SupaGal chassis and comes with Al-Ko’s off-road suspension, something that Roadstar swears by.


The tough exterior of the caravan is in sharp contrast with its indulgent interiors. A well-dressed, warm-toned living area welcomes you as you step inside, and come up on the lavish queen bed set on a posture-adjustable slatted bed frame. Small comforts like individual reading lights, 12 V power points and well-designed wardrobe cabinets surround the bed. The entire apartment is drenched in natural light streaming in from wide double glazed European-style windows fitted with pull down mesh screens to keep out the mozzis and block out blinds for those daytime naps—vacations are to unwind, after all.


The kitchen is fully equipped with a 210 litre refrigerator, full cooking range comprising of gas burners, oven and grill with a stainless steel range hood, a microwave and storage cabinets and drawers aplenty. A wide window is located above the bench top to provide lovely views of your camping locales and make tasks like doing the dishes less painful. The dinette comprises of a trifold table surrounded by roomy dual density lounges covered in microfibre leather or premium fabric, and LED reading lights overhead.

GT Sport Cross Country - Review


A 22 inch TV with inbuilt DVD along with CD-MP3 player hitched to the overhead speakers provides the entertainment while cooking or resting on your loungers.


The enclosed ensuite on the other end is sleek and shiny and comes with standard bathroom fittings- a toilet cassette, a ceramic basin and vanity with concealed washing machine and a full-height shower.

Back outside, the RV comes with more storage—a cavernous full width tunnel booth makes up for the lack of a toolbox, and can accommodate all your outdoor furniture and adventure accessories. A carefree roll out awning will provide much-needed shade on a hot day when you want to watch your cricket sitting outside at your fold out picnic table with a few coldies. Protection from the elements comes in the form of a checker plate waist along the sides of the rig, which extends to the height of the window in the front. There are four jerry can holders, two on the A frame and two flanking the spare tyre on the rear. 

Need-to-know specs:

SupaGal steel chassis and Al-Ko Outback suspension 3500kg

16” alloy wheels with General Grabber tyres

DO 35 coupling

A-frame stone protector

Reversing camera and external LED lights

High quality internal cabinetry with no MDF and no chipboard

Digital ready TV antenna


This handsome off-road rig GT Sport Cross Country is a great choice to get you to the wildest corners of the country in plush comfort.