JB Caravans Scorpion

JB Caravans Scorpion Review

JB Caravans Scorpion

Say Hello to the beast. This massive off-road rig from JB Caravans boasts of all-Australian craftsmanship, and is touted as the perfect family-friendly tourer for a long trip out in the bush.

Standing at 3.3 m high, weighing a mind boggling 2880 kg, the aptly-named Scorpion Sting is not for the faint-hearted—but its generous space layout and top-of-the-line interiors will guarantee you a more luxurious trip than most others in the same size range. And if you have the stomach to tackle some extreme terrain, this van will have your back with its 4.4 tonne cruise master ATX suspension, dual axle and tough underbody protection.

What does it look like on the outside?

The first thing that hits you when you look at your Scorpion is the amount of storage crammed into all the nooks and crannies of this rig. A large compartmentalized toolbox sits at the front, with room for a barbie or fridge, a generator and two 9-kilo gas cylinders. On the side of the van are three large water tanks with a total storage capacity of 225litres, including a drinking water allowance of 65 litres with an attached water filter. There is even a grey water tank that can be emptied at a suitable location while on longer trips.

An outdoor shower for those hot days that call for plenty of splashing, while a standard toilet cassette sits just below the shower. A super-spacious tunnel boot sits behind the tool box for luggage and food stores, and a pipe to hold camping accessories, fishing rods and the like is fixed next to that, so none of your thingamajigs are left rolling around-talk about efficiency!

The rear of the trailer is splashed with the JB Scorpion Sting Logo, below which you can find your enormous spare tyre—at 16 x8 inches, these rims exude the confidence to get you through even the most extreme outback terrain. The tyre is flanked by two jerry cans and on the rear left side, another storage tunnel boot.

For all its rugged looks, the Scorpion puts comfort and convenience first. The TV and fusion sound system can be affixed to a bracket on the side of the trailer for movie night out in the wild. The outdoor table folds out below the TV bracket and electrical sockets for any appliances you may choose to bring along—be it a soda maker, a tea kettle or a waffle iron—are within reach of the table.

JB Caravans Scorpion Review

What is on the inside of this beast?

The interior of this rig has luxury stamped all over it. A plush leather lounger with more than enough room for a family of 4 dominates the living area, along with a table that can swivel from side to side, and even drops down to serve as an extra cot. The sleeping facilities are also super swanky—a queen sized bed for the adults and double bunk beds for the kids, both with storage underneath. While the queen bed also has storage closets built-in above, the bunks come with drawers below, perfect to store games and gadgets.

The bathroom is shiny and compact, housing a toilet with plenty of elbow room, a shower and three storage cupboards. A small water-efficient washing machine is a value-addition for family trips, especially if you have kids that are dirt-magnets.

The fusion entertainment system with smartly-located charging ports, bluetooth-enabled speakers and headphone jacks sitting beside all the beds, is another alluring feature.

What is the kitchen like?

The kitchen boasts of premium appliances, and one thing that cannot be compromised on is a full-size domestic fridge. The cook top has 3 gas plates and 1 hot plate, and the roomy cooking area faces the side entrance—food prep with a view, but also with security concerns in mind as you can keep an eye on who (or what) is approaching while camping in remote areas.

If you were wondering about the daunting power needs of this fully equipped kitchenette with its electricity-guzzling appliances like the fridge and microwave, you’d be relieved to hear about the 450 Kw of solar on the roof. This sustainable power source will keep your two Red Arc batteries as well as the 2000 watt inverter charged all the time, and you won’t have to feel guilty about using the two circulating fans affixed above the master bed. An exhaust fan is also available to suck out all the hot air on those 40-degree summer days and if you were ballsy enough to plan an outback tour in the winter, the Scorpion still has your back! A gas heater is tucked under the master bed—a pretty novel feature for an off-road rig—which efficiently warms up the inside of the caravan on chilly nights.

Verdict: The Scorpion from the JB caravans stable offers a fully backed 3 year manufacturer's warranty on this impressive rig, but just like its name, this caravan has a wonderful sting to it.