Legend Groundbreaker

Legend Groundbreaker- Review

Legend Groundbreaker

The Legend Groundbreaker Ultimate offroader is built with a sole purpose in mind- to provide a luxurious and exciting touring comfort. This caravan looks and feels like a beast, which is what has initiated its handle- Groundbreaker ultimate.

Of course all caravans are built to be hardy but the resolute air that the Groundbreaker has about its appearance, makes it seem that much more robust.  It’s waistline is made of checkerplate black alloy, which is pretty banal among off road caravans but there is more to it: sturdy nudge bars, Mickey Thompson tyres and plenty of other must haves like mesh stone guard, jerry can holders and DO35 hitch. This ultimate warlord is meant for the big bad roads and you know it when you see it

Too much hype did I hear you say? Not with this I found out soon. When you look underneath the caravan, the 150x50mm (6x2in) RHS rails,  dual chassis, G&S trailing arm suspension and shock absorbers (whew!) give it the poise and support it needs for all the crazy ups and down along mud roads and in roads.

The chassis is as smooth as the ride this beast is famous for! What do I mean by this? Well, all the piping, water tanks, cabling and more are all enclosed in alloy cladding. Not only is the cladding meant to be protective, but it is also a great way to conceal everything out of sight, making it look neat!

Groundbreaker- Body: This off road machine has a body that is laminated with poplar timber instead of meranti timber. The outer cladding is made up of aluminium, making the body suitably insulated.

Let’s make it dramatic! The entry into this van cannot get more dramatic,  the dometic glass style entrance, along with the lighting present out of the caravan, one near the side and the other two at the front and at the back, make the whole van look grand. Not only is this lighting dousing this van in an immense halo of brilliance, but it also provides security.

How much can you take along? That is a really big question, especially if you have your family with you. There are tunnel boots, both at the front as well as at the back of the caravan. Ofcourse some of this space is taken up by the slide out kitchen, but there is still plenty that you can fill up here.

Can you have  sit out party outside? That should not be a problem, as there is a stainless steel pull out kitchen that comes with a cooktop, barbeque and even a sink. As far as entertainment is concerned, there is a fold out picnic table, a TV and external speakers come along with a mounted entertainment unit. 

Legend Groundbreaker- Review

Electrical sufficiency:

There is adequate support from the two 120Ah batteries that are present at the back of the caravan near the tunnel boot, 30A mains charger and a couple of 150W solar panels.

Some of the other positives about this caravan

  • The 190L Dometic fridge is fixed opposite to the  four-burner cooktop/grill, giving you plenty of cupboard space. This means that you get to carry all you need to make gourmet meals while travelling.
  • The locker space is not only used for storage but for other functions as well. The drawers have metal sides and the doors for these lockers are fitted with piano hinges. The overhead locker space is used for other functions, as well as storage.
  • There is plenty of space in the bathroom, as there is a decent shower cubicle, washroom and laundry space. Other essentials like a decent towel rack, ceramic washbasin, power rails and vents are present.
  • The bed forms and island with the cupboards, and extends upto 5 feet in length. Winters can get really cozy here as the heater is fixed close to the bed!


This wonderful off road caravan is built for the roads less travelled, but you can do it in style. It has a user friendly layout, which makes it the perfect choice.