Legend Trackline

Legend Trackline- Review

Legend Trackline

The Legend trackline is an award winning caravan, which has been designed by putting all customer reviews together! So you get a recreational vehicle that is just what you need.

The roomy caravan has a couple of kitchens, a full ensuite, a couple of showers, all within a space of 15 ft! This makes it one of the smallest caravans, but there is still plenty of space for almost everything that you would need for a camping holiday. Though most people like to have bigger caravans, this one is for those who prefer a smaller vehicle for better maneuverability. 

Let’s look at the resemblance with yesteryear models

A startling factors that never fails to amaze most people is that this caravan is about the same size as the caravans that were built in the 1960s! There is only that much length that this caravan provides. However, the similarity stops there. This caravan seems to have so much more space within, than those caravans. This is totally the result of careful planning and design of the interiors.

How does it compensate for this design?

This caravan is small and lightweight, so the suspension is strong and the chassis heavy. This makes up for its lightweight design, providing better stability when you take it to the outbacks. Though it has been plugged as semi-offroader, it might not be viable to use this caravan where you would take other larger off road caravans. It is not up for serious off road adventure.

Look what is on the outside

To make up for the restricted cooking area, there is a slide out kitchen that has been intelligently planned out. This is a little ahead of the living space. There are some thought of racks of stainless steel with additional bench space,, cutlery drawers, gas burners and a sink.

For a party!

There is a neat picnic table that has the Australian map on it, this will get you thirsty for adventure. An awning that is about 10 feet gives you additional space outside to set up a small party outdoors.

Legend Trackline- Review

Here is where the trackline scores better than the rest

  • Most caravans this side place their beds east/west, which is done to maximise the space available. However, this makes it hard to get into bed without disturbing your partner and could also make it harder to make your bed. The trackline works around this by placing the bed north/south.
  • Though the kitchen space and bathroom area are a bit narrow, there is a full ensuite. This means that weekend getaway or long holidays are definitely on the cards with this caravan.
  • Leave the hoarder in you back at home! Space is at a premium , though there is sufficient space when you plan and pack carefully. There is a large drawer available under the lounge and a few cupboards above the sink.
  • There is a dinette with a swivelling table, enough for a quiet meal.
  • To perk up the entertainment, there is a Bluetooth sound system that is attached to internal and external speakers and a 24 inches TV.

The verdict:

This bold semi-offroader competes with the bigger beasts in this range, but does not miss a beat as far as comfort is concerned. Priced at $59,990, it is quite a package.