Masterpiece Caravans Performance

Masterpiece Caravans Performance- Review

Masterpiece Caravans Performance

Performance from Masterpiece caravans is from a popular brand of caravans, headed by an Engineer Ramon Raffaello, who is a pioneer in building caravans that brave dirt tracks and off road adventures. Ramon wanted to build a quintessential van which could tackle free camping and off roading.The company boasts of setting high standards in quality  at a price. No compromises are made on the quality even at the assembly line. Even on close scrutiny, Performance is flawless and well presented.

Interior Designs

The layout of the Performance is simple and its finish desirable. To the rear of the van is the doorway and easily accessible with a drop step for better convenience. There is even an ensuite at the back of the caravan.

The van features a square basin on the left side of the kitchen bench and on the right is a 3 kg top loader washing machine.There are plenty of cupboards below the bench and a wall mounted cupboard on the left . A ceramic toilet with a spacious shower is nestled between the sliding door and the wall cupboard.


Along the length that stretches from the main bedroom to the ensuite, along the side of the driver, is the kitchen. There are plenty of cupboards and state of the art appliances that make the kitchen as well detailed as the one you would find at home. The stark white cupboards contrast interestingly with the black double door refrigerator near the ensuite.

Masterpiece Caravans Performance- Review

Plenty of space to stock up:

There is a door that opens out into a slide-out pantry rail, which is neat and user friendly. There is a full oven and grill that lie in front of a deep square sink.  The stove has an overhead exhaust fan , while the microwave is placed over the sink.


The electricals are present inside a cupboard overhead, which houses a 12V system, solar controller that has a readout, water gauge and a battery charge monitor. The 240V main safety fuse and the hot water switch are also present in this cupboard.

Below this neat electrical system is an entertainment system that also is use friendly.


The lunge is just opposite the kitchen, with brown leatherette and a comfortable headrest and footrest. Below these seats are additional storage spaces, maximising space utilisation.

A tri fold pull out table is perfect for a lovely dinner and can be neatly folder back in when space is at a premium.

Masterpiece Caravans Performance- Review


The bedroom is at the front of the van with wardrobes on either side of the bed. This light room has plenty of cupboards but it does not restrict access to the bed. There is also plenty of light streaming in through the large windows, allowing unhindered fresh air in when you need it.

Other features in this van are Strip LED lighting and air conditioning system for added comfort.

Masterpiece Caravans Performance- Review


An off road beast should definitely look like one, especially on the outside. The Performance from Masterpiece caravan follows suit with rugged external body. There is a black checkerplate trimming above the aluminium stucco.


There is a Supagal chassis with a four-inch main frame, two-inch raiser that adds to the lift while a six-inch A-frame extends upto the suspension.  There is a Cruisemaster 3.3T CRS suspension system, with dual shockers on each arm, that makes driving these on offroad tracks a smooth ride.


The Masterpiece Caravans’ Performance is a sturdy, functional and a van that is laden with good features but prices reasonably.  It works well on the roads but is fun off road, the decent size of the van makes it manageable