Roadstar Caravans - Little Rippa

Roadstar caravans- Little Rippa- Review

Roadstar Caravans - Little Rippa

This versatile adventure caravan from the Roadstar stable is a combination of the original roadstar caravan and the Safari tamer. So there is plenty of plush inside and oodles of off road support that you will get from this single beast.

The open layout of the caravan allows appreciation of the modern kitchen with its really cozy dinette. Talking about cozy, the queen sized bed is more than just that, while interesting colour palettes and premium finishes elevate the interiors.


A lot of focus has been dealt in ensuring that the design of this Little Rippa is spellbinding. With its soft glow LED strip lighting that dot the sides of the kitchen and the bedroom or the switches and power points that are made of stainless steel, every aspect enhances the visual appeal.

It’s not just the inside of this caravan but the outside too that is captivating. There are a plethora of features that let you create the perfect living space for many fun holidays.

If you have had with enjoying a refreshing shower inside the van, then there is one fixed outside as well. So, you can wash before you get in after a busy beach day.

Just like a patio at home, there is a beautiful awning that acts as an interface between the indoors and the outdoors. You can sit around for some small chatter, bring out the picnic table and listen to music over the external speakers provided.

What makes this little Ripper a Toughie off road?

There is a world of opportunity that widens up as this is an offroad caravan. The features that make it one include

  • A sturdy SupaGal chassis
  • A separate Outback coil suspension
  •  Dual 2.6T shock absorbers
  • 16-inch alloy wheels

Special off road tyres that function to mower pitching and impact when travelling on rough paths. 

Roadstar caravans- Little Rippa- Review

State of the art technology:

The electronic drive assist technology is the latest to hit the market and gives you great driving comfort and pleasure, even offroad. Apart from this, there is the 5.8” Sunshield Rear Vision Pack, reversing camera and the AL-KO ESC electronic brake system.

 The Little Rippa has fitted the AL-KO Enduro Outback, which is an independent suspension that is designed for durability, comfort and control, across the outback as well as off roads.  Not only will it help in providing better control over the ups and downs in the region but it will also ensure comfort.

This suspension technology helps in making as much contact as is possible with the ground, and is wonderful for off road and outback. There is much better ground clearance, so this prevents this off road warrior from getting damaged, or worse, the water tanks leaking.

Verdict: The Little Rippa adventurer is a lightweight caravan that can be towed easily, but it gives you the breezy comfort of a luxury caravan as well.