Royal Flair Raptor

Royal Flair Raptor- Review

Royal Flair Raptor

The royal flair raptor is about 11 feet 5 inches and looks all set to take you on an adventurous ride to exotic off-grid locations. To get in a little bit of history, the Royal flair caravans was started in 1975 and the 40 years of experience has resulted in beautifully designed caravans that are well loved.

This offroad caravan when Bill Derelas, the owner, wanted a caravan in which he could eat, sleep and do whatever he needed to do when he was out in the outback. From this need, was designed the Royal flair raptor, designed specifically for the great outbacks.

The mother of all offroad caravans

Anything and everything that you would need for a great offroad adventure as a space assigned to it in this caravan.

  • The royal flair is a bulletproof offroader, meant to take you to all those exotic locales.
  • There is a boat rack, rack.tray for quad bikes or motorbikes.
  • 2x105Ah AGM  battery, with solar panels for sufficient energy
  •  2x65L water capacities
  • Storage space available on the roof can be tailored to hold fishing equipment, dinghies or even kayaks.

How it looks on the outside:

The Raptor looks every bit as formidable as it is meant to be, with impregnable fibreglass armour which has been specifically designed to win the against the hard rocks and the craggy rocks that it will be pitted against. The van is so well designed that there water cannot leak into in, even if the sheathing is compromised. 

The exemplary underpinnings include a 6in G&S SupaGal chassis along with a drawbar with 75mm raiser for additional ground clearance.  The suspension is a 3.5T-rated G&S Control Rider while Cooper S/T MAXX all-terrain tyres are used for better driving comfort. 

Royal Flair Raptor- Review

Other positives

  • al fresco kitchen has a slide out barbecue fixed at the near side adds interest to the caravan
  • High checkerplate at the front
  • There is an interesting spotlight on the aerodynamic front wall as well as the rear wall
  • For people who enjoy their outdoor, there is an awning , an exterior shower, a picnic table, speakers and more.

All this and more at a tare weight of 2133kg and with boast worthy payload of 800kg

This means that, apart from the motorbikes that you can take along, there is sufficient bandwidth for clothing, food and water.

What is on the inside:

There is smart utilisation of space inside the caravan, giving you plenty of space for storage in a caravan with such diminutive measures.

The rear club lounge that consists of a telescopic drop-down table can be converted into the sleeping area with space-saving shower or toilet area. The interiors are well planned but they do not dense. 

The kitchen has great excellent cooking facilities like a three-burner cooktop with sink and 80L fridge/freezer. Ofcourse, here too, there is a lot of storage space, which includes a dual space pull out pantry.


The Royal Flair Raptor is the perfect boy tor for the dusty trails of the outbacks, feeding the adrenalin driven frenzy of hardcore campers. Priced at 73,236$, this is a rugged beauty that delivers way above what it is meant to.