The Daydream by Retreat Caravans- Review

The Daydream by Retreat Caravans- Review

The Daydream by Retreat Caravans- Review

A caravan that takes you wherever you dream to travel; be it the shores of the largest oceans, or the deepest forests or the top of a mountain, the Daydream caravan is on your side. Armed with a control rider twin shock, and 16 x 265 tyres, and tons of other smart features, this caravan is your support for off road caravanning.

Some of the features of this caravan include a FinScan power and monitoring system, Di bond cladding, hot dip galvanised chassis, ad035 hitch, a fridge and even a sway control.

Following are the other distinct features that you get to enjoy when you buy a Daydream caravan.


Daydream caravan’s plush interiors will make you feel like royal. It has the most comfortable sofas, beds and luxurious bathroom fittings.

The main difference from other retreat caravans is that Daydream caravans features Perspex splash-back, while most other caravans carry laminate splash-backs. Perspex is a superior acrylic splash back, that is best in the industry and which is resistant to abrasions and high shocks, perfect for UV and weather resistance.

Daydream caravans have a Form 90 bench-top and fan forced oven, which most other caravans do not have. Additional features include piano hinges, two towel rails, air conditioner, microwave and fiber- glasses shower.


Not only does the exterior look really appealing, it is also a lot different from other caravans. There are rust resistant towel rails, while the A-frame is designed to deflect stones and roof hatches that bring you a piece of the sky!

The entry door is wire meshed for added safety.  Other facilities on offer are tail lights that also work as reverse lights, cladding that is made of white di-bond, wheel spots rival the finish on the sides and double glazed windows.

Entertainment facilities

Some of the entertainment factors that add to your travel experience include a DVD player that comes with an LCD monitor, Wi-Fi, 2 roof speakers and 2 external speakers and a Wynguad antenna.

The power system from FinScan ensure power supply to these facilities aided by 3 x 120 amp AGM batteries three solar panels.

Most caravans do not have premium tap water, but that’s not the case in Daydream; its plumbing system consists of a manifold system and premium tap water. To add to this, there is sufficient pipe protection and water tank guards.


Daydream caravan is one up on comforts and ease of use, making it clearly one of the most sought after caravans.