Top 7 reasons why Jayco Adventurer is great for offroad adventures

Top 7 reasons why Jayco Adventurer is great for offroad adventures

Top 7 reasons why Jayco Adventurer is great for offroad adventures

1) Towing performance:

An offroad adventure is a heady mix of highway stretches, red gravel road and even sandy tracks across pristine beaches. The Jayco adventurer will shine across all these terrains and come out on top. The JT suspension, the independent coil set up and the dual peddle shock absorbers ensure that the van is always stable and in control of  the road.

The right to traverse the wild outbacks comes with a clause in the warranty, this vehicle, it states, is not meant for extreme 4WD tracks. Another aspect is that the absence of a vent at the lowest point inside means that it can’t be towed across water.

However, this will not come as a dampener, as there are so many fun things to do with this caravan. There is plenty of travel across bitumen roads for the adventure seeking in this adventure vehicle.

2) The Jayco adventurer has a ‘Tough Frame’. There are multiple layers to the outside wall that are vacuum bonded together. This is done to improve the acoustics of the van and also to lend better thermal insulation. There is even a fibreglass exterior that is meant to protect against hail and which is dent resistant.

3) The Jayco Adventure has an ‘Endurance’ chassis.  The chassis is galvanised and is the foundation for the sturdiness of the entire vehicle.

4) The Jayco adventurer has sufficient external storage: On the drawbar is fixed a checkerplate storage box which contains  MaxTrax recovery boards that is present behind a mesh stone guard. There is a lot of storage space afforded by this box, but there is more. There is a gel lined tunnel boot present a little behind that, though it is not accessible to the nearpoint, it has a slide out kitchen with a two-burner stove and some additional storage space.

This slide out kitchen is definitely a prized part of the caravan as it means that a fun cookout with family and friends is definitely on the cards.

Top 7 reasons why Jayco Adventurer is great for offroad adventures

5) Jayco Adventurer has wonderful external entertainment features: There are two speakers that let you enjoy some pleasant music outdoors, while the awning lights ellevate your outdoor party experience.

There is also a foldable picnic tables that comes along with this RV, which lest you sit out with family and friends for a lovely evening outdoor.

6) Jayco Adventurer’s interiors. There is a spacious kitchen inside with a lot of workspace and a large dinette that can seat two comfortably. The bathroom is again spacious  with a number of interesting additions. Most people are impressed with what the interiors have to offer.

The interiors have been designed taking into consideration that some people using the caravan can be really tall! There is a lot of headspace available, so there is no knocking your head around in this caravan. There are bedside lights with a small spotlight mounted above.

There are three 160W solar panels that are fixed to ensure that there is no dearth of power during the ride. A reversing camera provides just the support you need to enjoy a safe trip outdoors.

The kitchen has a a 218L Dometic compressor fridge with a freezer, plenty of storage cabinets, a microwave and a four-burner cooktop, that also has an oven and a griller. The dinette has a tri-fold table, with a locker overhead for additional storage space.

There is more storage space available in the bedroom as well, with a couple of side wardrobes, an overhead locker and storage space even under the mattress.  You can access the tunnel boot using a special hatch under the mattress.

One of the most loved feature in this caravan is that there are two fans that are fixed on either side of the bed, one for each partner. This makes things a lot more comfortable and talks about better planning.

When you take stock of all that you get inside this beast, the top loading washing machine, the facilities inside the bathroom and even the shower, there is a lot on offer for adventure seeking couples.

7) Jayco Adventurer’s JHub system.  There is a technologically advanced method of battery management in the form of a 7 inches android tablet, present right above the entrance. This will let you find out water levels and the state of your battery. You can also use this to control remotely certain functions like that of the hot water switch or the fans.

Some of the other facilities available in this van are a flatscreen TV, a reverse cycle air conditioner with even a chopping board near the sink.


The Jayco Adventurer is by far among the best off road caravan, in terms of features, size, weight and value for money. 

Top 7 reasons why Jayco Adventurer is great for offroad adventures