Wonderland RV’s XTR

Wonderland RV’s XTR - Review

Wonderland RV’s XTR

This bright lime green caravan, XTR, from the stables of Wonderland is definitely a welcome retreat from the staid colours found on other RV’s , but there is a lot more to it than these shades of brightness.

The length of this wonderful offroad beast is about 6.0m (19ft 8in), which means more room for everyone. The ATM of this vehicle is about 3500 kg and  a tare mass of 2880kg, giving you a payload of 660 kg.

Wall rigidity:

This Wonderland RV has a timber frame but not made from the usual Meranti timber but from stapled pieces of timber. Since this could make the walls a little weak, 19mm plywood is used instead. There are neat cable trenches for the 240V and 12V cabling.

The entire frame is given additional rigidity, the tongue and slot joints are used till the bottom. After which there is a brilliant green aluminium composite sheeting from Dibond.

Floor rigidity:

The floor is made from a single piece sheet, for greater rigidity. The use of multiple joints affects stability, so Wonderland tries to keep staples to a minimum. Bolts are used to fix the walls as well as the floor to the chassis.

Chassis for great offroad adventures

The chassis rails are 200x50mm and hot-dipped galvanised, with front drawbar rails which are 150x50mm. There are three freshwater tanks that are fit between the chassis rails, one 95L in front of the axles, while there is a 60L over the axles and a 95L tank at the back of the axle. There is an 100L grey water tank at the back of the caravan. ALl the water tanks, freshwater and grey, are guarded by alloy checkerplate.

There are 16 alloy wheels with 12in electric brakes, for greater control and  a Cruisemaster 4.4T airbag suspension makes driving a lot safer and smoother.  

Wonderland RV’s XTR - Review


They have been a little innovating in how they place the bed inside the van, they had to as it is difficult to ensure a family layout within a 6.0m van.  The double bed is placed across at the van’s front, which makes plenty of space in the middle.

The dining area is L shaped with a kitchen workbench on the offside. The bunk bed’s, children’s play area and the bathroom are at the rear of the van.

Though the outer walls of the caravan are painted a bright green, the inside is all white to reflect as much natural light as possible.

The dining table has a good foot rest and can fit 5 people but with a bit of a squeeze. There are overhead lockers, which an interesting detail to the dining area, with sufficient reading lights and fans for better dining experience.


The bathroom has a separate shower cubicle, washbasin, cupboards and cassette toilet that make for a decent space.


There are a couple of ceiling hatches, along with a small window that provides sufficient ventilation.

The space available just outside the bathroom can be used to place a washing machine or could be used to build a wardrobe.


Wonderland’s XTR is sufficiently equipped for offroad adventure but is not too long, which makes it easy to maneuver it. A wonderful family van priced at $129,630, it has a lot of luxury built into it.