Safe Driving Tips When Towing Your Caravan

Driving with your vehicle when towing a caravan or a camper trailer out on the road requires a certain amount of etiquette that needs to be observed.  You are right along side other vehicles such as trucks, cars, even motorbikes so you need to be observant as to where they are in position in relation to you as a driver. Here are things can help your do that

Extendable Mirrors

Having a good set of extendable mirrors comes in very handy. It means that you are not going to be surprised by a truck that is about to overtake you or any other traffic that's going to do the same maneuver. When it comes to having a truck overtake you, it means that you can be prepared and move over in your lane so that you're running the car and the caravan or the trailer down along the fog line.  This is going to create a buffer zone between you and the overtaking truck . When this happens, the air that's coming off the front of that truck is not disturbing the caravan or the car as much when compared to travelling closer to the centreline.

Distance Between Your Vehicle and the one ahead of you

We also need to take into account , the traveling distance behind the vehicle ahead of you. It is not so much a matter of etiquette but definitely a matter of safety. We have seen over the years that a car doing 60 kilometres an hour takes about 16 metres to stop from the time that the brakes are applied to the time it comes to a complete stop. But, it doesn't include the reaction time which is around about one and a half second for a normal adult.  At 60  km/hr , you travel 25 metres before you can actually put your foot on the brake.  That's how long it takes to react.

When we add the braking distance to our reaction time., that makes it 41 metres in total.It is really difficult to judge distance when you're travelling out on the road but it's very easy to judge time

How to be careful of the trailer sway 

A caravan can happen for a variety of reasons including a poorly loaded caravan,  a flat tyre or a truck overtaking where the air coming off the front of the truck actually can sway the caravan and vehicle. When there is a truck coming to overtake you, move over to the left and not slow down. Once you see the truck now beside you,  then use the warned off brake controller for the trailer and apply a little bit of brake as you see the truck go past. That will hold the caravan,the car in a nice straight line that stretches it all out. Once you see the truck has clearly overtaken you, bring the brake controller back up to what it was and continue on my way.