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Our Commitment to Guiding you to the Perfect Off-Road Caravan

The range of off-road vans listed on our researched to benefit you in terms of price, uncompromised quality and expert workmanship.

The range includes off road caravans that are either small light weight hybrid vans, semi off-road , full off road or extreme off-road caravans.

Given below is a description and a range of some of our off road caravan manufacturers that are experts in building top off road caravans.

Built by Australian Manufacturers - Get Best Deals

Aussie Five Star Caravans

Aussie Five Star Caravans is a hidden gem and is one of Australia’s premier off road caravan manufacturers. They specialize in family-friendly off-road caravans with fully galvanized Australian made off-road chassis, suitable for all terrains.

Their range includes a variety of models and sizes, from small to extreme - whatever your needs may be. For young families looking for the perfect fit they offer their popular ‘Cape’ model which has plenty of room while still being lightweight enough to handle difficult terrain.

Aussie Five Star Caravans, as a manufacturer truly has the X-factor & competitive edge over their competitors. All their staff were handpicked and experience in the industry is second to none. Almost all their staff come with similar experience and they have successfully created a working culture that keeps their employees very happy and also keep the manufacturing costs down.

They back up their quality off-road vans with strong customer service, having opened its own direct dealership in Melbourne, Newcastle & Brisbane recently.

Full & Semi Off Road Options & Best Value For Money
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High Country Caravans

The High Country is another gem and is one of the leading manufacturers of off-road caravans in Australia. They uphold stringent build standards, using superior construction quality and precision craftsmanship with advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure all their caravans meet the highest industry standards.

Offering a wide range of caravan options from lightweight models up to full off road caravans, they have an option for every budget and need.

High Country Caravans take pride in giving attention to detail throughout their production process; ensuring each step is done properly so that each caravan lives up to its expected standard of quality.

In fact, All high country models surpasses industry benchmarks. With their fantastic customer service & support team based in Wangaratta, Victoria, you do not have to worry about whether you’re making the right choice when it comes to selecting your family’s next off road caravan.

The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Convenience
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Villa Caravans

Villa Caravans, another great caravan manufacturer with almost 10 years in experience. Villa caravans is a family owned business that offers buyers a vast selection of different types of vans including small, semi-off road & full off-road caravans.

Each model is carefully designed to traverse difficult terrain while allowing customers the luxuries of modern day living with fully equipped kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms stocked with all the necessary amenities for comfortable travel.

Quality Vans With Full Off Road Capabilities
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Everest Caravans

Everest caravans are renowned for their quality, custom built caravans designed with the off road traveller in mind. Both structurally engineered for superior strength and resilience, their vans feature elegant interiors and well-fitted exteriors that will make travelling a whole lot more enjoyable!

Everest Caravans is unique in nature simply because they can custom build to your requirements. They are not a large manufacturer with a big team, however, their quality is the one of the best out there.

Their robust construction provides buyers peace of mind knowing their caravan can withstand whatever nature throws at them while delivering top notch comfort on the way. As one of our featured manufacturers of high-quality off road caravans, when it comes to outdoor adventures, you can trust Everest Caravans to take you through tough conditions in style.

Best Vans With Extreme Off Road Capability
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Luxury Off Road Caravan Manufacturer

Royal Flair & Traveller Caravans possess luxury offroad models.

They offer an extensive range of sleek and modern layouts that provide a luxurious camping experience.